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4 BIG mistakes Businesses make when it comes to video

What are the 4 biggest mistakes business owners are making, when it comes to making a video?

Tallboy's managing director, Simon Banks, explains why.

Using a video to market your business is one of the most powerful tools in the Internet. It is a great way to reach a variety of markets and engage your audience. Here are the 4 biggest mistakes I see businesses make when it comes to video.

1. Not willing to invest the money. Thinking that a cheap video must be a good video and anybody can do it. Yes, my 15 year old son can shoot & edit a video, but while it would be cheap to make, doesn’t mean it would be any good or reflect my company brand.

2. Not thinking of the audience. So easy to be caught up on what ‘my business’ does rather than benefits. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes, and ask, “What would I want to know about my company?” “What are the benefits?” What do you want the viewer to Think, Feel and Do after watching your video.

3. Making the videos too long. If your video is going to be on your front page of your website, it needs to be concise. People seem to have shorter attention spans these days. So, shorter is best, less than 2 minutes. If you have a lot to say, make a series of videos.

4. Not telling the world and tracking your video. You spend all this time and money on making a video, and then don’t create a marketing campaign around it. We live in the 21st century, there are lots of ways tell the world about your video and lots of tools to see who is watching.

So my biggest tip. It is well worth getting the advice and a quote from a professional video production company. I would say this as I run a video company, so if you want some help, give me a call or an email.
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