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Behind the scenes shoot at Mercedes Benz World


This is a behind the scenes video on one of Tallboy's ( video production shoot in recent years. The locations was Mercedes Benz World in Weybridge Surrey, where we hired the race track for half-day's filming. The final video was for an online corporate video coaching mini series, where companies learn how to grow and improve their businesses.

One highlight segment is where we see the presenter driving the race car around the track blindfolded, only guidance and directions from his fellow passenger. All in the car where pretty nervous, however the presenter did successfully navigate around the course without incident. The ideal of this exercise was to emphasise the importance of communication and listening to instruction.

This production was one of the biggest video production shoots for Tallboy and thus included a large team and multiple pieces of equipment. The production team included 5 Cameramen, 2 drone operators, a sound technician, director, producer, executive producer, presenter and two clients. 14 people in total!

The equipment on this production included cameras like the Sony FS7, F55, Canon C100 and GoPro’s. I was filming on a Sony A7SII mostly covering the behind scenes shots, the drones were the Inspire 1 and the S1000 which lifted a GH4 attached onto a ronin gimbal. The reason for so many cameras is to get as many camera angles as possible. As we only had limited tine on the track we wanted to much sure we made the most of it.

The cars started on the track at around 11am and with only a couple of hours to cover the needed content, it started raining again. This was a challenge for the team but after looking through the rushes we noticed that the cars drifting in the rain looked even better. I think the team did a great job considering the wet conditions. You don’t really notice the rain in most of the shots. I really enjoyed the day at Mercedes Benz World, it was a great shoot to be part of, and I learn about how important it is to plan the day in minute by minute detail to make sure the day goes smoothly and all the shots are filmed for the final video. I am looking forward to seeing the end result. The ten minute film is due to be released next month as part of a mini series on business coaching.

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