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Using Video on Social Media Tips

February 23, 2017
Your customers are watching a ton of video on social media platforms. Facebook and Snapchat have both surpassed 8 billion daily video views and YouTube’s one billion-plus users are watching hundreds of millions of hours of online video every day. Sharing on social media is a huge opportunity for getting it viewed.

Each social network has a unique audience, and social videos need to be optimized for different channels. A video that works on YouTube may need a serious edit before it can work on Instagram, i.e videos on Instagram are square in size, so will need to be reformatted in the editing stage to get best results. You will also have to take an entirely different approach to video on Snapchat (instantaneous) or Twitter (video starts playing with sound on mute).

Each platform has a duration limit, so you need to be aware of these and adjust them to accommodate each platform. Work with your video team to produce different edited versions for each of the platforms.

Current 2017 video duration limits (per post):
Youtube - no limit, as long as account is verified - It simply lets Google know that this channel is authentic and actually belongs to who it says it belongs to.
Facebook - 2 hours.
LinkedIn - link only (youtube link will auto play) May change now that Microsoft owns LinkedIn.
Twitter - 30 seconds
Instagram - 60 seconds
Vine - 6 seconds
Snapchat - 10 seconds

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